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Assaig sobre la ceguesa + Aftershow at TNC with Razzmatazz

José Saramago

Sala Gran

Vibe35. Vibrate with the culture at the TNC for only €10

A pandemic is spreading across the world: an inexplicable and incurable plague of blindness. The government applies increasingly repressive and useless restrictions trying to stop the contagion. Saramago's book, on which this show is based, was published 27 years ago, but the subject may sound quite familiar to us. A strong criticism of a rotten, deeply selfish society. A tribute to the Portuguese Nobel in the year of his centenary.

*You will like it if you like: Black Mirror, El col·lapse, The leftovers, Colony

+ Aftershow: After the show, the party continues in the Lobby with Razzmatazz and Kyne's live music with his urban music compositions (R&B, trap, gospel, hip hop, jazz, reggae, among others), and Drea's mixes that will make you dance non-stop.

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, SA.
Plaça de les Arts, 1, 08013 Barcelona, Spain
Telephone: 933065700
Email: info@tnc.cat

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