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de Josep M. de Sagarra

Sala Petita

May 13th–23rd

Josep M. de Sagarra’s most personal play, together with Ocells i llops and La fortuna de Sílvia

On the premiere of Galatea in December 1948 at the Teatre Victòria, Josep M. de Sagarra recalled that the unusual cold of that winter – and the lack of heating in the theatre – meant that the audience saw the play shivering in their coats. It was not well received by most critics, and Sagarra complained that he had been insulted as if he were an arsonist or a corruptor of minors. Nevertheless, the playwright never stopped defending his play: “With La fortuna de Sílvia, with Ocells i llops and especially with Galatea I believed, and I believe sincerely, that I was trying to make a theatre more in keeping with my conscience and with the spiritual climate of our time.”

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