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La conquesta del pol sud

Sala Tallers

In this last piece in the trilogy about women, identity and history, La Conquesta del Pol Sud focuses on the life of a young transsexual: Raphaëlle Pérez. The production is based on her real experience of changing gender, a path marked by struggle, by the search for identity, by self-affirmation, by the breaking of moulds, by dreams. Despite having been born in one of the leading European countries, France, the life of Raphaëlle has not been, is not and probably will never be easy. Her bravery and aspirations and disappointments speak to us directly.
Raphaëlle projects a look, halfway between rationality and emotion, at a world in full transformation, the social struggles and conquests, minorities, the education we receive and, in short, the roles we take on or are obliged to take on.
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