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A creation of Les Impuxibles with texts by María Velasco

Sala Tallers

The new production from Les Impuxibles promises to unsettle us again.

Harakiri seeks to free everything surrounding suicide from taboos and stigmas in order to see it as a rational option. On the stage, the place that allows the dead to relive and redie, an impossible meeting occurs between two adults who, one day, in a small universe, were mother and son. Is it possible for a mother to teach us more dead than alive? Is it possible for someone's suicide to make us freer?

With its own language that combines music, dance and text and always seeking activism through art, Les Impuxibles have also explored disorders and mental health in Suite TOC núm 6. and sexual violence in AÜC-el so de les esquerdes.

Promotion buy before the premiere with the promotional code  TNHARAKIRI
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All functions
Subtitles in Catalan with music visualization (musical adaptation in images).
2 and 9 April
Subtitling in Catalan with musical visualization and sign language.

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